Our team sampled the biology and archaeology of caves on the Roiho Flow on Easter Island. During this two year study (2008-2009), our objectives were to: (i) assess the degree of invasive/ non-native species colonization; (ii) assess whether caves contained new species and thus may serve as refugia within a highly invaded landscape; and (iii) conduct a baseline archaeological survey to identify the extent of cave use by the ancient and contemporary Rapa Nui. Several publications are currently being written based on the data collected from this project.

I extend my thanks to Ninoska Cuadros Hucke, Susana Nahoe, and Enrique Tucky (Parque Nacional Rapa Nui), Consejo de Monumentos (Rapa Nui), Sergio Rapu, and Cristian Tambley (CampoAlto Operaciones)for their assistance and logistical support of this research.  Mr. Jabier Les, Sociedad de Ciencias Espelogógicas Alfonso Antxia and Mr. Andrzej Ciszewski, Polish Expedition Team provided cave mapsfor the Rapa Nui work. Christina Colpitts, Lynn Hicks, Bruce Higgins, Alicia Ika, Talina Konotchick, Scott Nicolay, Knutt Petersen, Lazero Pakarati, Vicky Pakarati Hotus, Peter Polsgrove, Dan Ruby, and Liz Ruther.  The Illinois Cave Rescue Team remained on emergency stand-by status during most of this work. Global Rescue was our emergency extrication provider.  The Explorers Club graciously recognized both trips as Explorers Club flag expeditions.  This project was partially funded by the National Speleological Society International Exploration Grants program.


Publications & Reports

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Professional Presentations

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